Accidents happen. Unfortunately, an accident involving the mouth and face can severely damage a patient’s oral health and negatively affect a patient’s quality of life. When blunt force trauma affects the facial bones, teeth, and gums, professional treatment from an oral surgeon is likely necessary to correct damage and prevent future problems.

Facial trauma can occur from a nasty fall, contact sports, and car accidents. This type of trauma can produce severe pain and discomfort along with limited oral function. A variety of treatment options may be used to address facial injuries including surgical procedures such as orthognathic surgery to repair a broken jawbone or reconstructive surgery to rebuild extensive damage to the oral cavity and face.

In addition to painful damage to bones, facial trauma affects permanent teeth. Common dental injuries that affect the teeth include force that dislodges, impacts, or knocks out a tooth from its socket. If treated promptly by an oral surgeon, teeth can be saved in certain circumstances. Dislodged and impacted teeth require professional repositioning to save the tooth and restore proper tooth function. When teeth cannot be saved after a traumatic dental injury, patients will need to explore their tooth replacement options. One popular method for replacing a single missing tooth is the surgical insertion of a dental implant. When it comes to replacing adult teeth, dental implants are the most natural and functional option.

Correcting the damage from severe facial trauma sometimes requires a multidisciplinary approach. Our oral surgeons may work with your primary care physician to discern the state of your overall health along with a team of dental specialists such as endodontists and orthodontists.

Our team of highly skilled oral surgeons strives to promote patient comfort and a relaxing experience during times of trauma and distress. With a gentle touch and compassion for our patients, we will help you regain your quality of life and restore your oral health with this oral surgery procedure.